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Complete this section providing all details about musical act. If you are a Porch-Host who needs an act, skip this section


PORCH ADDRESS MUST FALL WITHIN GEOGRAPHIC BOUNDARIES: DUNDAS to PINE & JOHN to MACDONALD. If you are a musical act with no venue, skip this section


I agree to follow the Porchfest Code of Conduct:

1) Ensure musicians play in either acoustic or "unplugged" manner, so that music stays within the immediate surroundings.

2) Treat everyone with respect, be they performer, audience member, porch-host, or passersby, be mindful of private property and do not litter.

3) This is a family event, please be aware of children regarding safety, language, smoking, and alcohol.

4) There should be no smoking in front of venues.

5) Alcohol should be kept in discreet containers. Performers and Porch-hosts should not become intoxicated.

By submitting this form you are agreeing to these terms of participation, and accept responsibility for the actions of all parties named in this submission.